News - 26 October, 2023

RegenAqua technology approved for Reef Credit Scheme

A new technology developed by Pacific Biotechnologies Australia has recently secured approval for Reef Credits within the framework of a new scheme aimed at improving water quality.

News - 13 September, 2023

Ground Breaks for World First Wastewater Bioremediation Treatment Facility in the Burdekin

Renowned climate change activist and 2007 Australian of the Year, Professor Tim Flannery, joined civic leaders and dignitaries in Ayr, North Queensland, yesterday to do a site handover to Pacific Bio.

News - 6 September, 2023

Climate Change Activist Tim Flannery joins RegenAqua as our Ambassador

Climate change advocate Professor Tim Flannery has been announced as the Ambassador for RegenAqua, an innovative water treatment solution that uses endemic seaweed and river grass to strip wastewater

News - 17 August, 2023

Burdekin Shire Council and Pacific Biotechnologies Australia sign agreements to construct the world’s first RegenAqua Wastewater Treatment Facility

Burdekin Shire Council and Pacific Bio have officially signed agreements to advance RegenAqua a world first Wastewater Bioremediation Treatment Facility at the Ayr/Brandon Wastewater Treatment Plant.

News - 29 March, 2023

Pacific Reef Tigers awarded ASC Best Responsible Producer for 2023

Pacific Reef Tigers has taken home the ASC Best Responsible Producer Award for 2023!

News - 19 January, 2023

World-first treatment technology set to tackle nutrient runoff in the Great Barrier Reef and beyond

Nutrient runoff has long been known to damage the health of freshwater and marine ecosystems, Australian Water Association met with our Executive GM to learn more about our world-first technology

News - 8 December, 2022

RegenAqua’s breakthrough wastewater treatment wins Reef Champions Conservative Award

The awards are a celebration of the individuals and organisations who work to improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef

News - 1 November, 2022

RegenAqua set to launch world-first, full-scale facility

RegenAqua to reshape wastewater treatment landscape with breakthrough macroalgal technology that is natural & carbon-free

Menengenui Sea Urchins News Article
News - 1 February, 2022

Animal Nutrition - Dried milled Ulva feed source for Sea Urchins

Tripneustes gratilla grower MugenUni are seeing positive results using dried milled Ulva as a standalone feed source for their Sea Urchins.

Vic Corn Grower Results Latest News Article Copy3
News - 31 January, 2022

PlantJuice - Exceptional results for Victorian corn growers

Victorian corn growers are experiencing exceptional early fibrous root growth using a PlantJuice / urea blend.

News - 21 April, 2020

Entrepreneurs Program: Action against Waste

Read how Pacific Bio has benefited from the expert advice, funding and incentives from the Entrepreneurs' Programme.

News - 16 March, 2020

ReefAsta - Powerful health support feature

Read the latest article about ReefAsta from the health feature in Success North Queensland magazine.

News - 9 October, 2019

Pacific Reef Fisheries is working with CSIRO to provide real world conditions for testing augmented reality technology

In what’s believed will be a world first in agriculture, Pacific Reef Fisheries is working with CSIRO to provide real world conditions for testing augmented reality technology.

News - 2 October, 2019

Rocky de Nys - Helping drive the region of North Queensland Forward - Success North Queensland Magazine

Success North Queensland magazine recently featured and special on Men of the North and interviewed Rocky de Nys, Chief Technical Officer, Pacific Bio.

News - 26 July, 2019

Teaming up with LiquaForce to bring PlantJuice to farmers

Liquid fertiliser company LiquaForce and biotech company Pacific Bio now offer two of their key products in combination with each other.

News - 3 June, 2019

Success in North Queensland for ReefAsta

Targeting Queenslanders, ReefAsta has embarked on a marketing campaign to promote its Astaxanthin product to residents across the Townsville and Cairns regions.

News - 29 April, 2019

North Queensland project closer to plating up prawns

Our Guthalungra aquaculture project, south of Ayr and adjacent to the Elliot River, has been granted prescribed project status by the State Government.

News - 8 April, 2019

Launched: ReefAsta Naturally Derived Astaxanthin

It's with much excitement that we announce that our ReefAsta™ nutraceutical bottles have rolled off the production line and are now available for sale.

News - 3 April, 2019

A conversation with Kristian Mulholland

As part of Sustainable Seafood Week, Pacific Reef Fisheries’ Environmental Officer Kristian Mulholland caught up with the (ASC) to talk about the benefits of certification, the future of aquaculture, and why chefs love cobia.

Case Studies - 6 May, 2019

Aquaculture Facility

We deployed a technical team to a leading aquaculture facility in Southern Vietnam to support their environmental and operational goals.

Case Studies - 1 May, 2019

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

In 2016, we engaged with a Queensland local council, in conjunction with James Cook University (JCU) to embark on an exciting and revolutionary trial of Pacific Bio water polishing technology.

Corporate Updates - 5 December, 2018

MBD Industries Limited Annual General Meeting 2018 Outcomes

Corporate Updates - 21 June, 2018

Revitalising the MBD Board of Directors

Corporate Updates - 13 June, 2018

Head office relocates to Abbotsford

Corporate Updates - 10 May, 2018

Reshaping MBD for commercial success

Corporate Updates - 15 February, 2018

A fresh focus on commercialisation

Corporate Updates - 5 February, 2018

Sam Bastounas appointed as MBD’s Managing Director and CEO