Developed with leading scientists at James Cook University, RegenAqua™ is our proprietary bioremediation solution that uses native green macroalgae to naturally remove nitrogen and phosphorus from water. Our technology supports organisations to achieve discharge license compliance and can effectively return restored marine and fresh water to the environment.

Innovative and carbon-positive, RegenAqua™ is the smart way to manage wastewater.

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PlantJuice™ is our powerful biostimulant that supports farmers to produce better crops. Enriched with powerful growth-promoting hormones such as auxins and cytokines, as well as a range of macro and micro nutrients, PlantJuice™ helps plants to establish quicker, resist stress and ultimately sets the foundation for better yield and returns.

We're one of the largest suppliers of sustainably farmed premium black tiger prawns in the country. Under the brand Pacific Reef Fisheries, we produce over 20 percent of Australia's farmed prawns.

Our prawns are the first in Australia to gain certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) - an organisation which certifies environmentally and socially responsible seafood. 

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With our TGA approved manufacturing partner we have our own consumer brand of naturally derived astaxanthin, ReefAsta™. Available for purchase directly through our ecommerce store, as well as in a range of natural health food and supplement retailers.