PlantJuice™ - our premium biostimulant

PlantJuice™ is our powerful biostimulant that supports farmers to produce better crops. Enriched with powerful growth-promoting hormones such as auxins and cytokines, as well as a range of macro and micro nutrients, PlantJuice™ helps plants to establish quicker, resist stress and ultimately sets the foundation for better yield and returns.

Our plant nutrition range includes biostimulants and other unique by-products including pellets and biochar, sourced from green macroalgae sustainably grown in North Queensland.


Producing PlantJuice

The algae we harvest for the production of PlantJuice comes from our aquaculture operations.

Wastewater from the production of prawns is directed to our unique raceway system where the algae thrives by extracting valuable nutrients, whilst at the same time cleaning the water making it safe to return to the environment. This results in a nutrient rich biomass that's harvested at the optimum time to preserve the integrity of the biochemical compounds, which are extracted from the algae to produce a powerful plant biostimulant that improves soil condition and supports superior plant growth.   

It’s an environmentally focused, closed-loop system that returns nutrients into the farming production system and can have an outstanding impact on plant growth.




PlantJuice™ biostimulant advantages


PlantJuice™ enriches crops with macro and micro nutrients, as well as hormones that are essential building blocks in the plant lifecycle. This helps stimulate the rapid establishment of roots and shoots.


Our biostimulant helps provide a buffer for plants to the impact of stress from excess heat, drought, waterlogging and impact from herbicide and fungicide applications.


Since our macroalgae is grown in a controlled environment, we have greater oversight over product quality, resulting in less risk of contaminants compared to wild-harvested products.


PlantJuice™ is designed for use in agricultural and horticultural production systems and uses a range of application processes such as fertigation, drip, foliar and trickle.

Time-lapse root growth in tomato seedlings using PlantJuice™


“I have worked with liquid fertilisers and seaweed products for some years but have never had the opportunity to recommend and sell such a sustainable, renewable and effective seaweed product as PlantJuice™. The powerful linkage to sustainability extends from its cultivation, right through to the cropping field, and using the extracted natural bio stimulants and nutrients for boosted plant health and vigour.


Luke Hargreaves, Sales Agronomy at LiquaForce Australia


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