Restoring water and growing sustainable seafood using the power of algae

Pacific Bio is an Australian biotechnology company that is setting a new standard in wastewater management and sustainable on-shore aquaculture.

Our world-first technology, RegenAqua, uses macroalgae to strip wastewater of environmentally harmful pollutants that municipal waste water treatment plants and aquaculture farms create before it enters the ecosystem. We also use this breakthrough technology to create nutrient rich products for plants and animals.

We are a proudly sustainable business that's purpose-driven and committed to responsible growth.


Our Solutions


Our RegenAqua technology removes nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater in municipal treatment plants, aquaculture farms and a range of industrial settings.


We produce PlantJuice, Australia’s first sustainably-grown and harvested green algae biostimulant, supporting farmers to grow better crops.


Pacific Reef Fisheries are one of the largest suppliers of sustainably farmed premium black tiger prawns in Australia and have big plans for growth in responsibly farmed seafood.


Our sustainable Ulva-based animal feed is GM-free and can enrich the diets of poultry, cattle, prawns and fish with valuable nutrients.


ReefAsta is a powerful antioxidant grown using freshwater microalgae that's extracted and encapsulated as astaxanthin - a nutraceutical with compelling health benefits for people.


We're focused on addressing the global issues of water purity and food security using nature, science and a fresh approach.

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