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Pacific Biotechnologies (Australia) Pty Ltd (Pacific Bio) is a leading biotechnology and aquaculture company with a unique, sustainable value proposition.

The company, incorporated in 2020, was formed to develop green technology that’s commercially successful and environmentally positive. Currently an Australian private company, we have 13 shareholders who are involved in our journey. We’ve recently embarked on a transformation that has accelerated commercialisation of our proprietary technology and products.

We have a clear purpose and a suite of solutions that delivers immediate and long-term value to investors.



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The Opportunity

Our core value proposition is to deliver algal bioremediation to municipal wastewater treatment plants and sustainable on-shore aquaculture facilities, enabling a significant reduction in organic discharge. The concept has been proven in aquaculture environments, on-shore farming of prawns and barramundi, as well as in a municipal wastewater environment at the Ayr/Brandon STP facility; where all have demonstrated a significant reduction in nutrients being discharge into surrounding waterways and oceans. Nutrients are returned back into the farming production system via our plant nutrition products. This proven system is scalable and applicable to other on-shore aquaculture and municipal facilities.

Our core business units include:

Investment highlights

Sustainable, green investment to help combat global issues

Significant and tangible growth opportunities

Strong financial performance from operating assets

Aquaculture leader using sustainable technology

World first technology and processes

Driven management team committed to business restructure

Integrated, circular operating model

Highly attractive industry fundamentals

Our operations

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