Finding a better way to produce seafood


Aquaculture has been the fastest growing global food production sector since the 1950s, almost doubling production each decade. In fact, according to the CSIRO, global growth of aquaculture (7% per year) far exceeds that of land-based food production (2% per year).

Aquaculture provides a significant alternative to wild-caught seafood and since 2007 has supplied more than 50% of world-wide seafood products.

With a growing global population demanding enormous quantities of seafood, using sustainable aquaculture practices provides a better way to produce seafood that benefits the supply chain and the planet.


Pacific Reef Fisheries, sustainable aquaculture

Operating under Pacific Reef Fisheries (PRF), we're one of the largest suppliers of sustainably farmed premium black tiger prawns in the country, producing over 20 percent of Australia’s farmed prawns. Spread over 96 ha in Ayr, our annual output of premium black tiger prawns is over 1,000 tpa (tonne per annum).

Our Ayr site was the first prawn farm in Australia to gain certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) – an organisation which certifies environmentally and socially responsible seafood. What makes our aquaculture facility truly unique is how we manage wastewater.

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Better seafood, healthier reef

Our goal is to move towards zero total net discharge at our aquaculture facility using macroalgae to naturally remove pollutants from wastewater.

We’ve proven that this technology works at our facility and with plans to expand, we’re working to ensure that the water we discharge has zero net impact on our oceans and waterways.

Considering that our operations (and many others) are situated adjacent the Great Barrier Reef, we think this is critically important.

Not just a pretty face - Penaeus monodon

Penaeus monodon aka black tiger prawns are a popular and premium species in Australia and are the prawns that we grow.

Unlike the mass-produced whiteleg shrimp farmed mostly in Asia and Latin America, our fast-growing tropical-to-subtropical species is prized for its large size and premium quality.

Our operations include a hatchery facility where we spawn full-grown broodstock and raise prawns from eggs to maturity.

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Plans to expand: Guthalungra

Currently the home of our hatchery facility, we have plans to construct a new aquaculture facility in North Queensland’s Guthalungra. 

This expansion will add significant prawn production capacity to our operations and is the first prawn farm to be permitted by the Queensland Government since 2001.

This is enabled by the integration of our bioremediation technology which will restore the farm’s discharge water before it re-enters oceans and waterways.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certified

Pacific Reef Fisheries is proud to be Australia's first, and only ASC certified onshore prawn producer. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is an independent, international non-profit organisation that manages the world’s leading certification for responsible and sustainable aquaculture. ASC works with seafood processors, conservation groups, retail and food services, scientists and aquaculture producers to ensure sustainable aquaculture practices now and in the future.

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