Introducing, RegenAqua™

Developed with leading scientists at James Cook University, RegenAqua™ is our proprietary bioremediation solution that uses native green macroalgae to naturally remove nitrogen and phosphorus from water. Our technology supports organisations to achieve discharge license compliance and can effectively return restored marine and fresh water to the environment.

Innovative and carbon-positive, RegenAqua™ is the smart way to manage wastewater.

Protecting one of Australia's most precious assets, the Great Barrier Reef.

Pacific Bio is planning a transformational project for Queensland that will assist Government to achieve water quality targets and provide greater protection to one of our nation’s most precious assets, the Great Barrier Reef.

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Impressive operational advantages, naturally



Modular construction lets you expand operations as your requirements change.

Bolt On


Our ‘bolt-on’ design equals minimal disruption to your infrastructure and can be tailored to suit your unique operational requirements.

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RegenAqua™ offers compelling financial advantages compared to conventional treatment systems, in both capital and operational terms.



Macroalgae used to clean wastewater as part of your system may be converted into an effective biostimulant that’s used to boost plant growth in agriculture.



We implement RegenAqua™ through flexible service agreements with a fully-financed build-own-operate model, including continual system maintenance and monitoring.

RegenAqua™ applications:

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

With environmental and regulatory pressures increasing, water quality continues to be of critical concern for municipal wastewater treatment plants. We work closely with councils on water polishing solutions of all sizes and understand their unique operational challenges.

Commercial and Industrial

Complying with water discharge regulations and minimising running costs is a constant challenge for commercial and industrial businesses that rely on water in their operations. RegenAqua™ is significantly more cost-effective than traditional water treatment technology and limits your impact on the environment.


With tighter regulations, many aquafarms are restricted from expansion because of water pollution concerns. We can partner with aquaculture owners to develop on-site bioremediation that restores nutrient-rich water before it’s released into the environment. This helps farms satisfy regulations and get on with business.

How it works:

We provide stand-alone tertiary treatment, as well as solutions to support existing technologies and treatment phases for clients.

The illustration provides an example of RegenAqua™ options for wastewater treatment plants.

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