Who we are

Since 2006, we’ve been building a sustainable business that brings Australian-developed green technology to the world stage.

Our proprietary RegenAqua technology uses macroalgae to strip wastewater of environmentally harmful pollutants before they enter the ecosystem. We use this breakthrough technology to create nutrient rich products for plants and animals.

We're based in Australia with our head office in Melbourne and operations throughout North Queensland. We have a highly skilled and talented team with broad-ranging expertise and our work is deployed locally and around the world. We tackle new challenges openly and creatively and look forward to expanding our positive impact.


Our expertise

Our work addresses global issues impacting water purity and food security, and we proudly offer solutions with strong commercial outcomes and positive environmental impact, including:

• pioneering RegenAqua™, a bioremediation solution for organisations that need to remove nitrogen and phosphorous before it pollutes the eco-system

• naturally cleaning water discharged from our aquaculture farm, resulting in zero net impact on the surrounding waterway and ocean

• sustainably growing premium black tiger prawns at our Pacific Reef Fisheries aquaculture facility, and

• repurposing the algae used to remediate water into an environmentally-friendly plant supplement called PlantJuice™, reducing farmers’ reliance on harmful chemicals

We have also launched ReefAsta™, a nutritional supplement containing astaxanthin derived from microalgae. Astaxanthin is one of natures most powerful antioxidants with proven health and well being benefits.

What gets us out of bed


Without the courage to do things differently, how can we collectively secure a prosperous future? We believe in the need to challenge the status quo, ask difficult questions and never stop innovating. We courageously challenge each other, our partners and the paradigms in which we exist.


We take accountability for the work that we do, including the goals that we set for ourselves. We also strive to operate as sustainably as possible and empower others to do the same. We place importance on the responsibility we have towards our communities and stakeholders.


Respect means regarding the feelings and rights of others and we use this to navigate the relationships we have with our team, clients and suppliers. We believe that we must truly listen to each other and appreciate the diversity and skills amongst our people.


We believe a business can help solve the social and environmental problems of its time, while creating value for its stakeholders. So, we strive to be purpose-driven, profitable and good for the planet and recognise that we must act with honesty and transparency towards our investors and communities.

Our collaborative partners

The best results are produced from collective talent, so we work closely with James Cook University (JCU) to develop new processes and technology.

Our partnership with JCU began in 2008, and over time we’ve developed intellectual property and proprietary know-how to support the systems and solutions that power Pacific Bio.

With JCU as our research partners, our projects, trials and products are rigorously tested to ensure scientific credibility and efficacy.

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EP Showcase

Action on Waste

Click here to listen to Prof. Rocky de Nys, of James Cook University, talk about how the development of technology used to facilitate the sustainable production of seafood in aquaculture is protecting our reef, helping farmers with crop establishment and resilience, and about partnering with a company taking brave steps to commercialise their technology.

Video: can seaweed save the world?

We think it might. But you can see for yourself by watching this exert from the ABC's Catalyst episode featuring experts from around the world, including Professor Rocky de Nys and Australian of the Year (2007), Professor Tim Flannery. Much of the footage from this episode is captured at our aquaculture facility in Ayr, Queensland.