Dried green seaweed (Ulva) is rich in unique soluble fibres called ulvans which are known to naturally boost immunity in a range of animals. Our products are ready to blend, mash, and extrude, with low inclusion levels of
<1-4% delivering a cost-effective immunity boost, while also contributing nutritious elements such as iron, potassium magnesium, and vitamins B12, K, B2, and A.

Carefully and sustainably cultivated on-land, our animal feed boosters are clean, consistent, and produced to a high standard.

Use seaweed to boost the feed of:

Poultry – Research shows that Ulva added to feed rations in poultry improves egg production, increases egg weight, improves shell strength and brightens yolk colour. Research has also shown that Ulva can help protect birds against diseases such as Newcastle Disease Virus and Spotty Liver.

Marine animals – Ulva improves the immune activity and survival of farmed prawns and is an ideal nutrient for other marine animals.

- Dried, milled freshwater Oedogonium intermedium makes an excellent cattle ration.


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Ulva: A standalone feed source for marine animals

Land based aquaculture operator, MugenUni have been using our dried milled Ulva as a feed source for their high quality Shirahige urchin.

Results have been so positive they are now using it as a standalone feed source in their land based aquaculture operations.

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