8 April 2019

It's with much excitement that we announce that our ReefAsta™ nutraceutical bottles have rolled off the production line and are now available for sale!

ReefAsta represents an incredible amount of hard work and determination over many years from so many people across our organisation. To see the finished product available for sale is an outstanding result. More details about the product are included in the media release below: 


Astaxanthin, up to 6000x more antioxidant than Vitamin C, has been sourced and encapsulated in Australia for the first time


After years of development, Australia now has its own astaxanthin supplement, ReefAsta – which is derived from natural sources in Queensland, adjacent the Great Barrier Reef.
Fast becoming one of the world’s most prized antioxidants, astaxanthin (pronounced asta-zan-thin) is up to 6000x stronger in antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C, 800x stronger than CoQ10 (ubiquinone) and as much as 550x stronger than green tea catechins (phenolic compounds)*.

“What makes astaxanthin especially unique is its structure,” says Dr Nicolas von Alvensleben, Senior Scientist at Pacific Bio, who has been at the forefront of microalgal research for almost a decade: “When it comes to cell protection from free radicals, which speed up ageing and disease – astaxanthin is superior to many other antioxidant compounds,” he says.

The resulting impact on human health and wellbeing can be quite compelling, from dealing with chronic inflammation to supporting beauty regimes, specifically skin health.
Industry insights from recent Astaxanthin Market Analysis contend that it has broad appeal.

It can be used by athletes seeking improved recovery after exercise, people with busy lives wanting to reduce free radical damage, along with our ageing population seeking to relieve inflammation and support healthy cholesterol.

The astaxanthin produced to create ReefAsta is extracted from fresh microalgae sustainably grown in North Queensland’s Alva Beach. Fascinatingly, astaxanthin production is a response to tough environmental conditions, allowing it to survive for over 20 years in otherwise intolerable circumstances. As a ‘pigmented carotenoid’, astaxanthin leaves clues of its location in nature, responsible for the vibrant pinks and reds in animals like salmon and lobster, along with bird species such as flamingos.

Growing and harvesting microalgae for astaxanthin is a complex process that requires significant effort and technical skills mastered over years. Australia is now only one of a handful of countries to achieve this.

For Business Manager Mark Clayton, the launch of ReefAsta is a major milestone for the team and a great opportunity for Australians to get behind a local product.
“As more Australians learn about astaxanthin and its compelling health benefits, we’re proud to give them a naturally derived option, that supports local industry and has been grown under the Queensland sun.”

ReefAsta™ astaxanthin is available for purchase online at reefasta.com as well as in select health food stores.


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