6 May 2019

Location: Hòa Bình District, Bạc Liêu Province, southern Vietnam

System Type: Marine (brackish)

System specs: HRAPs exchanging with high-intensity shrimp grow-out ponds

Type of algae: Ulva

Year: 2016

We deployed a technical team at a leading aquaculture facility in Southern Vietnam to support their environmental and operational goals, whilst demonstrating that our technology could efficiently treat water in the challenging conditions typical of South Asian intensive aquaculture production facilities.

During the trial we successfully integrated our system within the business's operational shrimp grow-out facility. Shrimp farm effluent was remediated at a rate compatible for exchange with their significant requirements, allowing the recirculation of remediated water into their system over the course of a 12-week period.

While operating in Vietnam, the team faced many unique challenges never experienced in the implementation of our technology. These included monsoon weather and facility remoteness – making accessibility to resources difficult.

Nevertheless, algal bioremediation was shown to be a viable option with plenty of potential to naturally restore shrimp-farm effluent water in a high-volume environment. The reaction from the business was positive, noting the possibilities that our technology unlocks for the farm.

Since the project, Pacific Bio and the facility owners have remained in discussions around executing a large-scale bioremediation solution to support the company’s vision of leading the way in sustainable aquaculture.