16 March 2020

ReefAsta astaxanthin is a powerful health supplement. Proven to support inflammation and joint pain, cognitive function, heart health, healthier skin and hair, endurance and physical performance. It’s also the world’s most potent antioxidant, and Australia’s first natural astaxanthin farm is right here in Australia in North Queensland.

With the list of benefits, backed by multiple clinical studies and research, ReefAsta astaxanthin (pronounced asta-zan-thin) can help you wind the back the clock. Well, not literally. But if inflammation relief, increased energy, better physical performance, healthier, firmer and more hydrated skin, healthy cholesterol, brain health and healthy cardiovascular system function make you feel younger, then yes, you are kind of winding back your internal age. 

Astaxanthin is 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, 800 times stronger than Coenzyme Q10, 100 times stronger vitamin E, 550 times stronger than green tea catechins (phenolic compounds abundant in tea, cocoa berries). Basically, if astaxanthin was in competition with other “super” antioxidants, it’d beat them by a longshot. 

It’s one of the few antioxidants that can travel throughout our bodies and provide protection to cells against free radicals, which cause damage to cell membranes and structures (including DNA) which drives disease and accelerates ageing. It’s fat and water soluble, so it can uniquely span across the entire membrane to provide protection. 

While there are synthetic supplements available (natural astaxanthin is 55 times stronger than synthetic versions), ReefAsta is the first Australian-made natural astaxanthin supplement, farmed sustainably and naturally by Pacific Biotechnologies, at Alva Beach, just 100km south of Townsville.

Available commercially since April 2019, ReefAsta’s first stockist was in Townsville, North Queensland, and has since expanded globally with sales into Asia and USA. 

The dose of one 6mg capsule per day, with food, means one bottle of 60 capsules lasts two months. “Everyone’s biology is different so the uptake to feel and see the benefits is different for each of us, but if you look at the research on ReefAsta – which is over 1500 clinical studies – these studies tell us you should start to see benefits from taking astaxanthin after two to four weeks,” says ReefAsta’s Business Manager Mark Clayton.

“We’re receiving excellent testimonials from customers, and the number of repeat orders supports that,” shares Mark. “And that’s really pleasing as a business – to have real people experiencing the benefits of ReefAsta.”

ReefAsta is available to purchase online at reefasta.com or at many local pharmacies and health food stores in North Queensland.

Phone enquires: 1300 436 902

Republished from Success North Queensland magazine


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