About Us

We are building a leading and sustainable commercial enterprise utilising the power of nature

Our story is a powerful one. We have worked closely with James Cook University in Townsville to develop proprietary know-how in harnessing nature to clean water and grow sustainable sources of nutrition for plants, animals and humans. Our aim is to help address two of the world’s most challenging issues – water purity and food security. While Head Office is based in Melbourne the bulk of our work is done in Northern Queensland, bordered by the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, where we have production and farming facilities and our R&D team. Our businesses include:

  • Aquaculture (Pacific Reef Fisheries) – sustainably farming premium black tiger prawns and cobia (black kingfish). Pacific Reef Fisheries gained Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification in 2018. ASC certification is the highest global standard for responsible aquaculture and provides products that have no adverse environmental and social impacts.
  • Bioremediation – using native, edible green algae to naturally clean nutrient-rich water from municipal water treatment plants and aquaculture facilities to protect the environment, especially the Great Barrier Reef
  • Plant Nutrition – concentrated natural plant biostimulants, extracted from algae produced through bioremediation, stimulate root, shoot and fruit development leading to reduced fertilizer requirements, improved soil health, and more sustainable agriculture
  • Human Nutrition and Animal Nutrition – we grow nutrient-rich algae that support health and wellbeing. Our focus is on human nutraceuticals, especially astaxanthin, and the cultivation of edible algae for human and animal consumption.

Our Values and Mission

Our Values

PRF achieves Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification, the highest global industry standard

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