Bioremediation utilising nature to clean nutrient-rich water

Bioremediation solutions for fresh and salt water

Customised and modular bioremediation solutions to fit your needs

Bioremediation Solutions

We provide solutions tailored to clients’ needs for nitrogen and phosphorus treatment. Solutions are customised depending on discharge concentration targets or total load basis. Point sources such as aquaculture and municipal water treatment plants are ideally suited to our algal bioremediation. The technology has been proven at Cleveland Bay (Townsville) and Ayr/Brandon Water Treatment Plants, and aquaculture facilities such as Pacific Reef Fisheries (prawn farm) and Coral Coast Barramundi. Advantages of our water treatment solutions include:

  • Saltwater and freshwater solutions
  • Natural and chemical-free solution utilising native green algae
  • Nutrients are reduced to well below safe levels for release into Great Barrier Reef catchments for enhanced environmental protection
  • Leading technology developed with James Cook University
  • Low energy needs
  • Cost-effective capital investment compared to conventional systems
  • Algae generation to re-utilise nutrients for valuable plant and animal nutrition products
  • Modular system enables tailored solutions to customers’ evolving water treatment needs