Natural solutions for improved animal health and wellbeing

Naturally help defend against problems like Vibrio

Suitable for poultry, ruminants, and monogastrics

Naturally boost animal immunity

Whole dried, green seaweed (Ulva) powder is rich in unique soluble fibres called ulvans. These are known to naturally boost immunity in livestock, pets, fish, prawns, and shellfish. Ulvans help protect against diseases, such as Vibrio in prawns, and improve the gut health of monogastrics and ruminants. Our products are ready to blend, mash, and extrude. Low inclusion levels of <1-4% deliver a cost effective immunity boost while also contributing nutritious elements such as Fe, K, Mg, Mn, and Se, and vitamins B12, K, B2, and A. The dark green colour means lots of chlorophyll and healthy lutein to naturally colour egg yolks. Carefully cultivated on-land in sustainable aquaculture systems means a clean, consistent, high quality, and bio-secure Australian source.

Astaxanthin as nature intended, as consumers demand

To provide both natural colour and nutritional pigment we offer H. pluvialis algae powder containing the same natural astaxanthin as found in wild salmon. Being a super antioxidant, astaxanthin helps protect against stress such as heat, and is vital during reproduction and developmental stages of prawns and salmonids. Farmers can command market premiums by improving colour naturally, as demonstrated both in tiger prawns (P. monodon) and white-leg shrimp (L. vannamei).